Office 2013 error: “Sorry, we are having some temporary server issues”

02 Apr

some ideas are come from this blog

it seems not work for me. even after reset the IE settings.

what i did:

  1. clear all sub key under


  2. but it does not work. and after restart the office, one new subkey will recreate automatically.
  3. then goto the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Common\Internet\WebServiceCache\AllUsers\\config15--lcid=1033&syslcid=1031&uilcid=1033&build=15.0.4569&crev=1\Image
  4. there is a dword registry “Properties”, normally its value is 1, change it to 0.
  5. restart office 2013, you should be able to get the live account logon page back.
  6. after the success logon, you can try to change the registry back to 1, this will not affect office.

i did not try to switch account, but i think change this value can still make everything work.

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