check service status

02 Jun

$aryServices = “XPR Notification APL(NotApl)”,”XPR Message Router(mta)”,”XPR Name Locator(nameloc)”,”XPR Printer APL(PrintApl)”,”XPR Status Dispatcher(xmrsvc)”,”XPR Web APL(WebApl)”,”XPR TCP/IP Transport Layer(TcpApl)”,”XPR File Interface APL(FiApl)”,”XPR Information Store(infostor)”,”XPR Configuration Service(cfgsvc)”,”XPR Directory Service(DirSvc)”,”XPR Mail APL(MailApl)”,”XPR Administrator(mrs)”,”XPR ip APL(ipApl)”,”XPR License Server(licsvc)”

#add all you wanted service in the list


foreach ($strService in $aryServices)


$svrstatus = (get-service -displayname $strService).status

switch ($svrstatus)


running { Write-Host -foregroundcolor green “$strService started” }

stopped { Write-Host -foregroundcolor red “$strService service is already” “stopped”

  Write-Host “Starting $strService … please wait”

 #start-service $strService


DEFAULT { Write-Host -ForegroundColor red “did not get the ruslut” }



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