exporting large mailbox to pst in exchange 2010

17 Feb

New-MailboxExportRequest can help administrators to export mailbox to a pst easier in exchange 2010 than before. But if try to export large mailbox (>5GB), you may get 0x80040115 error. So what you should do?

as experience,  the best way is try to use a all-in-one (CAS+HUB+MBX) server for exporting jobs. of course, you need to move the mailbox needed to export on this server. And thanks for the New design of Exchange 2010, you can do such thing without affect the mailbox owner.

But is that OK? do not think it is a little annoy? let us see what makes this happen.

New-MailboxExportRequest run in this way:

1 administrator call PS remote connect to an exchange server, could be anyone if you do not point it in the ps command.

2 New-MailboxExportRequest ask MRS service which runs on exchange CAS server, could be anyone CAS if you do not point it in the ps command.

3 MRS get information from MBX

4 MRS translate information to PST and store it on a UNC path.

SO you can do the JOB like this:

  1. create a share on CAS server for example: \\XY-CAS14-01\PSTFileShare\
  2. run PS command : New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox xunyang -FilePath “\\XY-CAS14-01\PSTFileShare\xunyang.pst” -MRSServer

And I am sure this can be easier than before.

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Posted by on February 17, 2011 in Exchange Server


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