restrict user access ECP

15 Feb
In Exchange 2010, you may need to restrict user access ECP to avoid employee information incompliance issue. So you have to use RBAC make it real.
The useful role is Mybaseoptions. you can see what it can done in help.
Run below PS in EMC use a organization administrator privilege account.
Set-RoleAssignmentPolicy "Default Role Assignment Policy" -Name "Unrestricted Role Assignment Policy"
New-RoleAssignmentPolicy -Name "Restricted Role Assignment Policy" -Description "This policy does not allow end users to set their OWA Options and 
perform other self-administration tasks." -Roles MyBaseOptions -IsDefault:$True
get-mailbox | ? {$_.department –eq “HR”}| set-mailbox -RoleAssignmentPolicy "Restricted Role Assignment Policy"

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