Forefront Protection Server Management Console 2010 Update

27 Oct

as you know, FPSMC was scheduled to updated at Q4 2010. Now the team write a new blog about this.

a little bit about the soon-to-be released Forefront Protection Server Management Console 2010 (FPSMC). FPSMC provides centralized management for the Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange (FPE) and Forefront Protection 2010 for SharePoint (FPSP) servers in your environment. FPSMC is expected to be available as a free download in Q4 2010.

FPSMC provides multi-server management through a browser-based interface, and supports the following features:

Signature redistribution

The signature redistribution job is used to deploy antivirus signature updates to the FPE/FPSP servers in an environment. The most efficient way to update engine signatures on all your servers is to create a redistribution job to download them to the FPSMC server. The FPSMC server is then used as the retrieval point for all the other servers in the environment.

Policy (configuration) deployment

FPSMC supports deploying a centralized set of configuration settings to one or more FPE or FPSP servers in your environment. This is accomplished by configuring one of your FPE/FPSP servers to the desired configuration and then exporting these settings in xml format.  The xml file is then imported into FPSMC, which can deploy these same settings to your other FPE/FPSP servers.

Patch deployment

FPSMC supports deploying FPE and FPSP roll ups and service packs. Patch packages can either be .MSP or .EXE file types.

Centralized incident reporting

The Incident Detection report presents data about the number of malware incidents and filter matches over a period of time on one or more managed servers. This includes the five most common malware types detected in your organization and the most recent detection date and time.

Centralized spam reporting

The Spam Detection report presents data about the number of spam messages blocked by FPE. This includes a pie-chart breakdown by filter type and a line graph showing the number of spam messages detected over time.

Centralized engine versions reporting

The Engine and Definition Versions report presents data about the antivirus engine versions and definitions on selected servers running FPE and FPSP. This report compares the current engine versions of the managed servers to determine which, if any, of your signatures are out of date.

Quarantine management

FPSMC supports retrieving quarantine data from managed Forefront Protection servers for local analysis and management, including delivering Exchange quarantine and restoring SharePoint quarantine.

Integration with Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE).

If you are using FOPE in your organization, you can use FPSMC to access the FOPE Administration Center to monitor your email flow. FPSMC provides access to the FOPE home page, quarantine, reports, and mail tracing facilities.

Auto discovery of servers

On a nightly basis, FPSMC will automatically detect new FPE and FPSP servers that have been added to your network.

Exchange Clusters — CCR, SCC, and DAG 
FPSMC supports clustered Exchange servers, including E14 Database Availability Groups.

FPSMC will initially be available in English. Localized versions in all 11 languages (Chinese-Simplified, Chinese-Traditional, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, and Spanish) will be released at a later date (to be announced).

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One response to “Forefront Protection Server Management Console 2010 Update

  1. Roger Li

    April 17, 2012 at 04:25

    what is your recommendation on setting up the following:
    I have 3 CAS/HUB server, 5 MBX server, my plan is to have FPSMC install as primary with SQL on another server, install FOPE on all of the Exchange servers, push FPSMC agent out to all the servers, all this are successful. My main question is that, this is closed network so I have no access to download scan engine and definition update, so pretty much everything has to be manual. I can download updates from another network and upload the updates to one CAS/HUB server with FOPE installed, I can run the scan and update the server, then use power shell to Export just the configuration settings to FPSMC server, create a package to distrubute to all other CAS/HUB servers.

    Like to know if you have other recommendation?


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