check remote server administrator group members

25 Oct

this is a vbs.

Dim objGroup, strComputer
strComputer = "xy-PC"
Set objGroup = GetObject("WinNT://" & strComputer & "/Administrators,group")
Wscript.Echo "Members of local Administrators group on computer " & strComputer
Call EnumGroup(objGroup, "")

Sub EnumGroup(objGroup, strOffset)
Dim objMember
For Each objMember In objGroup.Members
Wscript.Echo strOffset & objMember.Name & " (" & objMember.Class & ")"
If (objMember.Class = "Group") Then
Call EnumGroup(objMember, strOffset & "–")
End If
End Sub

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Posted by on October 25, 2010 in Cmdlets&Tools


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