how to determin the latest time Outlook update OAB

06 Jun

from you will find that outlook save the last update time of an OAB in the Windows registry: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Exchange\Exchange Provider\OAB Last Modified Time. but The type of this registry entry is REG_BINARY. The data is 8 bytes in size. You can convert the data to a 64-bit FILETIME structure specifying a Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) value that Outlook last downloaded the OAB files from the Exchange server to the client computer.

i am using outlook 2010, so there will be more than 1 entry.

here is an ps script:

Get-ItemProperty "hkcu:\Software\Microsoft\exchange\exchange provider\OABs\*" | foreach {
$byteDate = $_."OAB Last Modified Time"
$int64Date =
$tempDate =

jeff provided a VBS script to help you change the value as an easy read type at

hope helps.

thanks GuHuajun.


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