collaboration tools from microsoft.

04 Jun

Office Communicator

Live Meeting on OCS




Instant messaging (IM) tool for conversations with anyone online

Web conferencing tool for conducting online meetings

Create collaborative virtual workspaces for project management and file sharing using this tool

Platform for organizing project collaboration via a corporate network Web site

Best Uses

· Real-time conversations with small numbers of people

· Document collaboration (Office Communicator R2 provides desktop sharing)

· Group collaboration

· Meet Now meetings

· Live presentations and demonstrations

· Sharing and reviewing documents

· Centralizing the work of a small team (2 to 20 people) in one location

· Short to medium-term projects

· Working on and publishing files for broader distribution

· Managing content and processes

· Creating a single place for several users to collaborate


· Know when others are online

· Send and receive text, audio, handwriting, or video

· Begin a phone call (in Redmond only, and only if enabled for Enterprise Voice) or e-mail from an IM conversation

· Conversation History allows quick access to past conversations

· Can record meetings

· Can collect and answer questions from attendees

· Active Directory/Exchange integration

· Works well with Microsoft ® Office Communicator

· Workspaces are available when you are offline

· Information is automatically synchronized between users whenever you are online

· Corporate access is not required

· Document version control

· Search across related documents

· Integrates Tasks and Calendars with Office Outlook®

· No software installation required


· Conversations with large numbers of people are difficult

· Collaborative work on documents is difficult

· High-quality audio and video is not available

· Software installation is required

· Server connection speed is inconsistent

· Software installation is required

· No support for managed meetings

· Software installation is required

· Corporate network access is required unless the SharePoint site is on the extranet

· Familiarity and experience with SharePoint is required


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