remove retired scan provider from the list in Forefront for Exchange 2007 SP2 manually

30 Apr

i found that the scanner provider on Forefront for Exchange 2007 SP2 console is not the same. As you see, provider list is not the same version on  different server console. And as forefront team blog said some providers was stopped since 2009-12-22.


not up-to-date:

So how can i keep all forefront scanner provider in the same version?

1- there is one forefront define distribution server , and all other servers download from this server.

confirmed that the scaner provider list is up-to-date.

2- fellow

you should uncheck the scanner from settings—>antivirus and scanner updates.

3- manual update all defines and wait untill the change.

4-if there is not update, you should fellow these steps.

5- check reg use regedit, find HKLM/Software/Wow6432Node/Microsoft/Forefront Server Security/Exchange server

there is a key call EngineList.

you should check if the value is same as the distibution server. In my enviornment, it is 8343. what is the mean, please check the link

6- stop FSCcontroller services, it will stop Microsoft Exchange Transport as well.

change EngineList value.


Scanjobs.fdb and templates.fdb  @install path “\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Security\Exchange Server\Data”. these two files will recreate when start FSCcontroller.

7- start FSCcontroller services, and then Microsoft Exchange Transport as well.

8- check what happened

yes, that is what i want. thanks for forefront team.


notice: before you doing anything, please keep in mind, this article will not help you with what it will caused. there is not warranty for you.

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