Exchange cas can not update oab?

30 Apr

Exchange cas server report that can not update oab warning. like below:

Process MSExchangeFDS.exe (PID=2636). Could not find directory \\BJ-MAIL-00\ExchangeOAB\9ad21250-d7ec-438f-871a-e0f420422271. This is normal if the directory has never been generated. Otherwise, make sure this directory and share has read permission for the "Exchange Servers" group.    

on the cas server, i check the oab folder under xxx\Exchange 2007\ClientAccess\OAB, the oab folder last modify time is 2 days ago.

on the mail server, i checked the share and find the oab share is disapeared ! what is going on? then  i check the folder on san (my environment is SCC with SAN)  . i can not find the exchange oab folder as well.

so i just update the oab in ems and then the share is create again and then everything  runs as i expected.

oab folder on cas server net share on mail server


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