troubleshoot public folder replicate is stop between ad site.

07 Apr

it is so strange that public folder replicate is stop between ad site in my organization.  Ok, let me introduce my environment. there are 2 ad site A and B, each one located exchange servers with 2 public folder database, A1,A2,B1,B2. the issue is A1 and A2 replicate is working but B1 and B2 can not repicate from A1 and A2. the network between site A and B is ok, no limit.  let’s see what happened.

eventid 8197
Error initializing session for virtual machine SL-MAIL-34. The error number
is 0x80040111. Make sure Microsoft Exchange Store is running. Also, make sure
that there is a valid public folder database on the Exchange server.

this shows public folder is not valid. So if i try to remount the public folder database it will get some initializ eventid . then i dismount the database and re-mount the database, here is is.

i found that in event 9514 tell me that:

Two objects in the Directory have the same proxy - 
Exchange/CN=SNPMAIL/CN=Administrative Groups/CN=Exchange Administrative Group
and /DC=ad/DC=xxxxxx/CN=Configuration/CN=Services/CN=Microsoft
Exchange/CN=SNPMAIL/CN=Administrative Groups/CN=Exchange Administrative Group

use adsiedit to determin what is the proxy property. here it is! the public folder database have an property called proxyaddressed.   the four public folder database should use unique proxyaddress. but B1 and B2 and A1 share same address: PublicFolderDatabase@yourdomainname. So i change them.

after the modification, wait about 15mins or more as public folder replica schedul, you will get 3031 and 3073 eventid that shows the replication is working.


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