upgrade from exchange 2007 sp1 to exchange 2007 sp2 with rollup3 failed

18 Mar

My customer existed environment is Ex 12 SP1 with rollup 9. Yesterday, they process the ex12 sp2 upgrade. They want to upgrade ex12sp1 with rollup9 to ex12sp2 with rollup3 directly. So they just put the rollup3 file in the update folder located in the exchange install folder. But they met an issue. I reproduce this issue again. In the setup.log, I found that the sp2 rollup 3 is installed first. And it does not found the SP2 then throw out a 1603 error. Does it by design? Or I misunderstand the update folder usage?

the message from the product group tell me this is unsupported. it means can’t upgrade to a service pack and at the same time include a roll-up in the updates directory.  but a new fresh install with rollup is supported.

So how to fix this issue after all? 

1-set all exchange services and iis admin, w3svc to manual. then try to install sp2 without rollup 3. but still a error show like below.

you will found that the folder is not exsit.  so create a new “bin” folder and copy the help file to the folder from other role server. then restart the install gui. it works. after upgrade to sp2, then install rollup 3. it works again.


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