what do you need to know before upgrading the exchange 2003 organization to 2007

29 Nov


The following knowledgebase will help you to upgrade from Exchange 2000/2003 to Exchange 2007.


The process of upgrading Exchange 2000/2003 to Exchange 2007 might present some problems and issuesthat may be avoided using these basic steps.
In addition these steps should provide some roll back options that may be helpful should a failure occurs.


Prior to upgrading the current system to Exchange 2007, some precautions and considerations must be taken:
    1. Verity software and hardware computability to Exchange 2007:
              Exchange Server 2007 System Requirements
              Planning Processor and Memory Configurations
              Planning Disk Storage
             IP/PBX and PBX Support
             Outlook and Exchange Server Compatibility
    2. Choose the correct Exchange 2007 Edition to your organization:
             Exchange Server 2007 Product Guide
   3. Review:
           Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Help
         Windows PowerShell 1.0 Documentation Pack
         Frequently Asked Questions about Exchange Server 2007
         Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Release Notes
        Tip: Its recommended to check the links above from time to time. Microsoft update the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Help and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Release Notes.
   4. Download the following updates:
          a. Windows 2003 Service Pack 2 (If you didn’t used installation media of Windows 2003/Windows 2003 R2 with a integrated Windows Service Pack 2 )
      Note: Although you may no need to install the updates mentioned above, its recommended to review each update knowledgebase, and then to decide if the update required and not.  
   5. Review Exchange Team Blog for known issue and recommendation:
          The Microsoft Exchange Team Blog
    6. Verity third party product commutability to X64 Operating System and Exchange 2007 (Specially: Antivirus Software, Backup and Archive Software).
    7. Consider to use Microsoft Forefront to protect Exchange 2007:
          Microsoft Forefront
    8. Learn Exchange Server 2007 Transport Server Role Architecture Diagrams
          Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Transport Server Role Architecture Diagrams
         Note: This diagram can be useful for the planning stage and help to resolve transport issues.
     9.  Review pre-requirements of the schema master, global catalogs, domain function level and Exchange 2007 commutability to old Exchange system/s (Like Exchange 5.5) and old Windows 2000 Domain Controller/s.
     10. Review the "Exchange 2007 System Requirements":
The next section contains some useful tips that may save time and help in applying a successful upgrade process

Post Upgrade Actions, Troubleshooting, and Recovery

      1. Install Exchange 2007 Administrative Tools on the Administrator workstation:
          Installing Exchange 2007 Management Tools On a 32 Bit Operating System
          Note: You can use X64 Operating System and use native Exchange 2007 Administrative Tools
      2. Consider to implement: Exchange 2007 Cluster Continuous Replication (CCR),
               Exchange 2007 Local Continuous Replication (LCR), Single Copy Clusters (SCC) or Standby Continuous Replication (SCR):
        Note: Standby Continuous Replication (SCR) will be available after Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1 release.
    3. Setup "SPF", "PTR" and "MX" DNS records to your domain.
    4. Use Exchange 2007 build in wizards: Exchange Server 2007 Finalize Deployment and End-to-End Scenario to check the server installation and complete the server configurations.
    5. Enable Exchange logging by using "Set-EventLogLevel -Identity" command line and check the logs:
            How to Change Logging Levels for Exchange Processes
        Note: Its recommended to disable the logging after you verity the correct operation of the Exchange server.
    6. To change the message limit size and optimize the mail connector, its recommended to review the following guides:
            Managing Message Throttling
           Send Connector Cmdlets
           Receive Connector Cmdlets
   7.  How to install Microsoft Anti Spam Agents on Exchange 2007
   8. How to Change the Location of the Queue Database
   9. Consider to change the SMTP banner:
       How to Modify the Default SMTP Banner
    10. How to Remove the Last Legacy Exchange Server from an Organization

Known issues:

   1. Earlier Outlook clients cant connect to Exchange 2007 Server
    2. The following error may appear in the event log:
                 Event Type:    Error
                 Event Source:    MSExchange ADAccess
                 Event Category:    Devices
                 Event ID:    2152
                 Description: The description for Event ID ( 2152 ) in Source ( MSExchange ADAccess ) cannot be found.
                 The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages
                 from a remote computer.
                 You may be able to use the /AUXSOURCE= flag to retrieve this description; see Help and Support for details.
                 The following information is part of the event: ExSetupUI.exe; 4912; 1753; Error 6d9 from HrGetServersForRole
          This error may occur due network adapter binding error issue or/and disable File and Print Sharing on the network adapter.     
    3. You experience incompatibility issues when you implement some operations in Exchange System Manager or in the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in in Exchange 2003
    4. Error message when you prepare an Active Directory forest for Exchange Server 2003:
                "Extending the schema in Active Directory failed"
    5. Update is available that supports publishing Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 behind Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2006
   6. Event ID 12014 may appear in Exchange 2007 Application Event Log
   7. Microsoft Exchange 2007 Information Store may fail to start after reboot
   8. The address book function in Exchange 2007 is broken when an Exchange OWA client and a Windows Server 2003-based domain controller do not have the same locale setting


The Microsoft Exchange Team Blog

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
Microsoft Forefront


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