自测常用的windows 2008命令

11 Jul



gpupdate netsh
dcgpofix ipconfig nslookup
diskpart net accounts pathping
dsadd computer net computer Subtopic
dsadd group net config server ping
dsadd user net config workstation route
dsget computer net continue sc config
dsget group net file sc continue
dsget server net group sc failure
dsget user net localgroup sc pause
dsmgt net pause sc qc
dsmod computer net print sc qfailure
dsmod group net session sc query
dsmod server net share sc start
dsmod user net start sc stop
dsmove net statistics schtasks /change
dsquery computer net stop schtasks /create
dsquery contact net time schtasks /delete
dsquery group net use schtasks /end
dsquery partition net user schtasks /query
dsquery quota net view schtasks /run
dsquery server netdom add servermanagercmd
dsquery site netdoom computername set
dsquery user netdom join set-service
dsquery * netdom move shutdown
dsrm netdom movent4bdc systeminfo
esentutl netdom remove taskkill
get-eventlog netdom renamecomputer tasklist
get-process netdom resetpwd tracerpt
get-service netdom reset tracert
stop-process netdom trust wbadmin
stop-service netdom verify  
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