outlook anywhere客户端配置全流程

17 Mar


you can use outlook exchange mode at your own computer outside ethos office without using VPN.

this article is based on outlook2007. it is similar in outlook 2003.

1. install your enterprise certificate

use your browser, here use ie6.access to you will meet a security alert. click view certificate.

in the title choose certification path, click root certificate beijing then view certificate


if you can not get the certificater from outside, please ask your IT administrator send you one.

choose Trusted root certification authorities


2 open outlook. here is a fresh install outlook. for no-fresh outlook, you can add a profile from mail in control pane

input server05 in microsoft exchange server blank

click more settings, it will take some time about 1~2mins. then there will be a error, ignro it.

after OK. you will see the exchange settings, click connection

here the connection


you will receive a alert again.

ignro it. press OK

then click next.

close outlook and reopen it. you will receive a form.

then after a moment, you will see outlook connect with exchange server.


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